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Sunday 17th November 2019

Highly Fishable
Mostly cloudy

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  Feels a little on the humid side. A slight breeze is blowing as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is clear and highly fishable.

Plenty of anglers around at the moment. Most appear to be nymphing on the Tongariro and doing quite well. A few others are heading up to the small lakes to fish.

The weather has been a little unstable.  Usually when we get rain it is calm and then as soon as the sun comes out we get a good blustery breeze.  This usually affects the river anglers by making it hard to cast to get the fly where you want it to go and for the boat anlgers it just makes it uncomfortable in the chop.  Most boat anglers would like to jig but the wind is usually not such a good idea.  If it is windy then go trolling.  Change your technique to suit the conditions.  Spring time is a great time to troll or harl in Stump Bay, or troll/harl out to where you go jigging and back again. It seems these days anlgers are so focused on just doing the same old same old.

To me, fishing is about wasting as much time doing it as actually catching something.  I would rather waste time fishing than waste time at work.  Boat anglers who are into jigging will do 5 knots until they are in clear water then hit the throttle to burn off to their desired location at 30knots, fish for 10 mintues … get no bites, back up to 30knots to the next location, fish for 10 minutes, get no bites and then most likely burn back home again.   Me, I would prefer to putt out to a jigging location towing a lure, taking in the scenery, have a cup of tea or coffee, putt along….. get to the jigging location, have a few drifts, maybe change some rigs, have a few more drifts, if nothing wind up the lines, putt along to the next location with the halring or trolling line out and repeat the process.

A year or two back my neighbour went out on Lake Taupo to spend the DAY fishing … he was back home in half an hour with his bag limit of three fish ( now it is 6 ). He was pretty chuffed with himself that he had done that and I said to “well that ruined your DAY of fishing didn’t it”.

Neil sent in this picture and email of Kenny.  Neil writes:

Photo of a Scottish lad named “Kenny” who was brought into the shop yesterday to have a wee prickle removed from the back of the neck. Pete performed flawless surgery and he was soon on his way with medical advice to chuck and duck next time. The shop photographer botched his job so thanks Terry for forwarding on some evidence.


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