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Monday 18th January 2021

Highly Fishable

Overcast start to the day here in Turangi today.  We got a little bit of rain yesterday and some over night but nothing too dramatic to alter the state of the Tongariro River much. A little bit breezy today but nothing too bad for the fly caster.

There’s been some great fishing to be had around various locations ………  most anglers are still catching fish. Anglers are reporting some really nice fresh conditioned rainbows that are in the Tongariro.  Had some reports of hens with fantastic condition but with very thin roe sacks and what we call “Pin Head” roe in them that is still developing. Plenty of browns seem to be getting caught everywhere.

Boaties still reporting a good mixture of fish ….. some still picking up a lot of recovering fish, others are getting some nice conditioned ones.

Found –  x1 Folding net and bag with fly box owned by Richard Lanbert ( Lambert?? )  …… if you would like them back contact us here at by email or phone (07) 386 8996  

( The items above have been re-united with the owner ) 

(Below) I received this email and photo yesterday afternoon thanks to Jason from River Birches Lodge.  Jason writes:

Dear Sporting Life,

I need to say those flies you sold me are doing the trick, the proof is in the catch. Two brownies and a rainbow caught at the river mouth last night.


Jason, River Birches

(Below) Also received late yesterday afternoon were these two photos and email thanks to Wayne from Wanganui. Wayne writes:

Good afternoon to the Sporting Life crew.

Great catching up and a great week fishing. Caught plenty of fish from 10cm to 60+cm. Some browns, and rainbows landed and in great condition. All week only caught 1 recovering/recovered fish. The rest fairly fresh run with plenty of fight. Got smoked by several large rainbows and some browns. All in a days fishing. The few I kept had nice fresh pink flesh.  Even the brown trout I kept. It was short, fat and deep and weighed in at just under 5lb. A lot of fish in the 2-3lb range. Have enclosed a couple of photos Sue took on her phone. I don’t have a mobile and forgot the camera. One just under 4lb and the other 4 .5lb. Take care and catch up next trip.

Regards Wayne



For those of you who are finding the wading in the river a little bit slippery then here’s a deal for you!

Simms wading staff with Retractor


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