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Thursday 18th March 2021

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi … quite a blustery cool SE wind which has picked up since first light. The Tongariro is highly fishable for all methods.

Over the last few days we have still had anglers calling in to the shop to pick up Passion Vine Hoppers ( Lace Moth ).  Today should be a good day to fish these since it is sunny and really windy.  The wind gusts can blow the Vine Hoppers ( Lace Moths ) off the bushes and into the water.  I’ve been out on days where the gusts have come up, knocked the Vine Hoppers off the bush and the fish have fed furiously, then the wind stops and so does the feeding and then the next gust blows some more off and away the fish go again.

(Above & Below) I went out yesterday evening to check out the Tongariro River.  It was a stunning Autumn evening.  This was the ” Reef ” above the Stag Pool. The interesting thing is check out the photo that I took in the picture below. It was about 20 years ago when I took this picture and you could walk off the bank and down onto this Reef.  It used to be an awesome stretch of water and this was a prized spot to ” Hog “.  I remember one day getting here to have a fish. One guy was casting and there were about 7 lined up sitting down on the bank waiting to fish.  I thought bugger this, got back into the car, went upstream and crossed and walked down opposite them ( total time 15 minutes) and fished the pool from the other side by myself !


(Above) Looking upstream to the top of the Stag Pool on a very lovely evening.  Not one angler in sight.

(Below) Basically the middle of the Stag Pool.  I really like the Autumn light on the trees that are just starting to turn yellow.

(Below) Looking downstream to the tail of the Stag Pool.



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