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Monday 18th May 2020

Highly Fishable

Under level 2 we are back open and operating here at Sporting Life.  The shop is open.

If you can’t get here but require some ” Stuff ” you can contact us by the methods below and we can send out.  Thanks for your support:

Phone : (07) 386 8996


Web Shop:


A fine start to the day here in Paradise / Turangi again.  A light frost to greet the curtain openers.  No wind as of 9:00am. We have just had an unbelieveable run of really nice weather for the last couple of months.  I managed to have the weekend off and it looked like it was pretty busy.  The lead into the weekend saw us quite busy in the shop with anglers pleased to be able to get to Turangi to be able to have a fish. A few months of pent up frustration !! I gave the fishing a miss over the weekend to let those who hadn’t been able to get here have a fair crack the fishing. I’m quite amazed as I saw a Passion Vine Hopper on one of my windows over the weekend …. they are still hanging in there !!!  Prior to the weekend some anglers still reported seeing the odd rising fish and I did see some small grey Mayflies Hatchings just before dark  ….. what a season !! A mixture of small naturals like gold bead hare and coppers, flashback pheasant tails and a good selection of C3 nymphs departed the shop and glo bugs are still worth a burn as well.  The wetliners tend to be favouring the stock standard Olive Wooly Buggers but slip in the odd Silver / Yellow Rabbit and even try a smelt fly in the river and you might be surprised at what might take a nibble on them 😉

(Below) I drove up to the Blue Pool to check it out late yesterday afternoon.  When I got there at 3:30pm there was only one car in the carpark. The picture below is the head of the Blue Pool looking upstream to the No Name Pool above it. It is really nice up here late in the afternoon with the sun beaming down on the river. The water was very clear.


(Below) The middle to head of the Blue Pool.  This is just a lovely part of the river.

(Below) Looking downstream to the riffle run below the Blue Pool.  I am standing where they pull the rafts out.

(Below) The access road to the Blue Pool.  This is really well maintained now.  It is fully gravelled with water catchment holes dug a regular intervals along it and all of the Car Swallowing Craters that used to be there that you had to dodge and go around are all gone !! Thumbs up to the people who put in the effort here ! Well done.

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