Fishing Reports

Tuesday 18th May 2021


Overcast with heavy rain falling.  As of 8:45am the Tongariro is flowing at 25.1 cumecs and is fishable but this is still coming up in volume and may change later in the day. No wind as of 8:45am.

I decided to head out for a fish yesterday after doing the chores around the house on Sunday.  I slept in and the weather wasn’t too bad.  Got into my waders and the weather wasn’t too bad, drove to the river and the weather wasn’t too bad.  I just started to fish and LOOK AT THE PHOTO BELOW !!!!  The Heavens opened and the wind whipped up !! Bloody typical …… mind you there is something to be said about being Cocooned in your waders and Wading Jacket ( that doesn’t leak ) and watching the World go by.  There were three of us taking a battering !!

(Below) The fishing was a little slow, but some of us are not in a hurry.  I hooked three and landed two.  I got them on a White Caddis and my Bleeding Caddis ( red caddis )

(Below) This was the one I got on the Bleeding Caddis. I caught up with Kunio who managed to hook two or three on the Skagit Gear too.


(Above & Below) I then had a break and something to eat and wanted to check out the Sand Pool.  I encountered two anglers on the track heading back from the Whitikau who looked like drowned rats and were heading back into town. I managed to hook this fat brown trout in here.  This one took my rather large Black Beaded Hare and Copper Bomb.


(Above & Below) Not long after landing the brown I caught this plump little rainbow on a Green Caddis.

(Below) Another blurry photo … with me being a member of the V.I.P. ( Visually Impaired Persons ) Club I am finding it difficult to see anything close in front of me.  The lens was a bit waterlogged and smudged. This one took a Gold Bead Hare and Copper.

Note for Wally ….. the Green Caddis did work but so did a lot of other things !!!

All of these fish were caught using another European method of fishing called Dutch Nymphing …. this is where you go fishing all day long and try not to lose any nymphs.



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