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Friday 18th September 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast with some rain at times here in Turangi this morning.  Not so windy as of 9:00am, however I heard the good gust hit the house while it was still dark.  The wind may increase during the day.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

Some good steady rain is falling and this should introduce a bit of cool fresh water to the rivers.  This should make some more fish run.  Anglers are reporting catching quite a few Spent/Recovering fish now – this is to be expected at this time of the year.  The good thing with the lack of flooding that we have had is that these fish are regaining condition quite quickly and should be able to handle a good flood if we get one in the next month or so. They should pull a bit of string if you catch them on the dry, and if they are in top nick when the caddis start hatching for the evening rise. I would expect a few anglers to get smoked when swinging a caddis dry this year.

Don’t forget that Lakes Otamangakau and Lakes Kuratau open on 1st October ….. only a week or so away now … time is flying !! Just remember that the upper reaches to the rivers in the Taupo Fishery open 1 DECEMBER  with the exceptions of the Mangatu Stream, Waihaha River, Kuratau River and Waipakihi Rivers which open on 1st October ( see the map of the Taupo Fishing District )

Just remember that Daylight Savings begins 27th September !!


(Below) The “Blast from the Past” today is a series of photos I have taken over the years at the Red Hut Pool upstream of the Bridge. These days people want the World to be as it “used ” to be and to live in a Utopian World, but as you can see by these series of photos that things change.

The river cuts its own channel.  Experiments in removing pine trees have been tried … not sure why some got poisoned but others on the other side were all left unchecked … everyone cares but none cares … the last 2 photos show how the willows trees have really taken hold and everything else in the river bed is a weed species.  The initial poisoning was done but no one has been back since to continue getting the new young trees out or spray the willow or the broom or anything else ….. 20 years from now we will be back to square one.

I base things like this similar to my house.  I have a nice lawn and gardens, but every year the weeds keep proliferating.  Everything of value in my garden either dies or gets attacked by pests but nothing seems to touch the weeds.  To keep my lawns and garden looking good, every year I spend copious amounts of TIME and MONEY and EFFORT trying to keep the weeds under control.  Every year I do the same until I sell my property and someone new takes over … they may not have the same values as me and therefore do not want to waste TIME and MONEY and EFFORT on the same things I do therefore what was a nice Utopian World for me…. is no longer.  People change and values change as much as the Environment Changes but for some unknown reason people seem to want everything to stay the same ??

There was a quote I found quite a few years ago, which when you read it and understand it, it makes a lot of sense .

Nothing Lasts Forever, that is the Destiny of all Kingdoms

Kingdoms can mean .. ruling regimes like the Roman Empire or Mongols, or Kingdoms can simply mean Land and Environment

My suggestion … don’t waste life …. go fishing

(Below) This was the day after the big flood of 2004.

(Below) Pretty much everything on the island was wiped out.

(Below) There was only one pine tree that remained standing but this toppled over a few days after this photo.


(Below) The river today …. notice the weeds in the river bed …. why waste money, time and effort …. just let another big flood do the work for you ….. for free  😉 It means you will have more time to go fishing then 😉

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