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Saturday 18th September 2021

Highly Fishable

Saturday afternoon and the shop has begun to wind down for the day. Today started nice and sunny with only a gentle breeze and would have been a dream to be out there on the rivers. There were lots of anglers who hit Turangi to take advantage of these conditions and it sounds like there was some competition for the more popular pools, making some effort to get to more far flung spots can make the difference to have some space for a bit. There was the usual crew nymphing below the main road bridge but I could still see a couple of wily Rainbows that had were playing hard to get. The Tongariro didn’t get a lot of colour or big flow from the rains during the week and it is now very clear, some will have found the going a little tough on the Tongariro today if they didn’t adapt to using smaller offerings. Early on bright #10 egg patterns and #12 naturals will have been the go but as the day brightened up dropping down to #14 Hare n Coppers or Pheasant Tails would be my recommendation.

The spey casting has captivated me more than I though it would which has surprised me, it’s not been about catching any more fish or making booming big casts to far banks but trying to get some consistency in the delivery. Some days have been better than others and when I think it’s coming together something will creep in and it just doesn’t happen. At times I’ve had to stop and take a breather and go back to basics, I’m sure more time on the river will help. There has been rewards when I do get it right with some nice silver Rainbows coming to hand, mostly they have taken an orange beaded olive woolly bugger but a couple were partial to variations like the Trout Burger or Carty’s tube flys.

It has been pleasing to see more young ones getting into the fly fishing and a few of them have been getting into some rippers. In my time here in the shop I’m seeing young adults who not that long ago were keen school kids that are now kicking some big goals and getting outstanding results. It’s not long now until the next school holidays and we look forward to helping get them out there ripping some lips.

The boat fishing has picked up a bit lately with a few more reports coming in. Trolling and harling have been popular but as the weather warms up in the next few months the jigging will pick up again. Now would be a good time to check on your outfits and do some maintenance on reels that need tidying up, check your line connections are in good order and any suspect guides that might have cracks which can fray the coatings on lead lines or weaken nylon leaders should be replaced. Rusty hooks can spoil a good day with fish lost from breakages so change them out for fresh ones also.

The shop is coming together nicely and we have now moved the fly lines and tippets onto the new wall and they look sweet under their new lighting. The Sporting Life crew have all chipped in and done a great job of getting it sorted and still kept a busy shop rolling along. We are looking forward to seeing our northern regulars back here again real soon too, there is still plenty of great fishing waiting for your return.





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