Fishing Reports

Monday 19th October 2021

Highly Fishable

It got quite busy in the shop today so thought I better get something out and let you all know how it’s been over the last few days, better late than never. The rain came through on Sunday evening and made a din pounding on the roof, it left behind 20mm to empty out of the rain gauge this morning and it came as no surprise to see the Tongariro had come up a bit peaking at 40cumec but down to a very fishable 34cumec. The slight colour should have been a swingers paradise but nymphing would have been on the cards also. It has been mostly sunny in Turangi today with just a puff of wind to ruffle the yellow flowers on the kowhai out front of the shop. There was the odd shower come through but it will have little effect on the rivers. The river has fished well for those out today with the swingers having the edge from reports to hand. I’m picking the river will be much clearer on Tuesday and will suit any method you want to run with. Conner made the most of his day off and swung up some chrome this morning but as expected at this time of the season there was a few darker models mixed in with them. A report in this afternoon sounded promising with some better quality Rainbows showing up late, these may have moved in the dirtier water overnight and will be scattered through the river tomorrow…..they will be safe from me tho 🙂 Not many anglers to crowd the pools out over the weekend but there were a few that rolled into town today that I’m guessing would have waited for the holiday makers to depart.

This is one of my favourite times of the year when the fishing can be varied. There is still the odd fresh Rainbow running the river, Brown Trout begin to be found hanging on the edges, Trout will slowly begin to look up for surface morsels during the day and the evening rise can start to ramp up with Caddis joining the Mayfly to see who can outnumber the other. It’s not all about the rivers however and there can be some fantastic fishing found by wandering the lake edges looking for cruising fish chasing smelt. The tailrace can be worth scoping out for both flyfishos and the spinning fraternity. Now that the smaller lakes are open again there is a heap of options to suss out and get that trout fix.

Come on into Sporting Life and let the crew give you all the best info on how to make the most of your fishing in the Taupo fishery.


The Tongariro had a bit of colour but looked very fishy

Looking down to the Breakfast pool with only one angler in sight at the top of the Major Jones Pool


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