Fishing Reports

Monday 18th November 2019


Overcast start to the morning today. Humid.  No rain or drizzle as of 9:00am.  It did rain quite heavy yesterday evening and Pete checked the river this morning and said there was some colour to the river but it was not overly high.  Ideal for nymphers and wetliners.

Reports over the last week have indicated the dry fly action has slowed somewhat however we did have a young American angler in the shop yesterday who had caught a couple of good looking fish on the Mayfly Dry. He spotted them, crouched down behind some bushes, cast and “Whack !” the fish took it.

I came home the other night only to find a fairly good sized Mayfly on the window of my car. I took a few closeup pictures to show you the detail of it.  Check out how long the tail is.  I also took one from inside the car to show you a “Fish Eye View”.  The interesting thing is no matter what colour the Mayfly is, if it is sitting on the surface of the water,  the colour underneath will generally be black due to the ” Silhoutte Effect “. Fishing a Mayfly dry with a Hi Viz parachute post is worthwhile but anglers get carried away thinking the fish will see the Hi Viz and wont bother using them …. the idea of the Hi Viz post is Visually Impared Persons ( V.I.P’s) actually have a better chance at seeing their fly in amongst all of the white water and foam and the other 20 mayflies that their one is in amongst etc.

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