Fishing Reports

Thursday 19th March 2020

Highly Fishable

Woke to a fine start to the morning this morning with a bit of cloud about.  We must have had some light rain overnight as the ground was a little damp. 5 degrees celcius to start this morning. Bbbrrrr getting into cooler temperatures already.

Fish still appear to be rising in the Tongariro River and it is worthwhile persisting with the dry ….. seems to be be teeny weeny stuff they are taking during the day.  Also worth a flick with the Sporting Caddis at the end of the day just before dark as some Caddis are hatching for the evening rise.

Some more rain would be nice to kick a few runs off but seems like the odd few reports have indicated fish entering the lower reaches of some of the rivers with more water in them.  Look at fishing the mouths with a bit more flow to them.

A note from the Boss – Those who are thinking of self isolating / self distancing themselves and still want to go fishing …. we are able to drop off flies and supplies to a required location of your choice …. we have converted Neil into ” Granville the delivery boy “. Just send us an email to or call us on (07) 386 8996 to arrange.


( Below ) Looking downstream to the Breakfast Pool at about 8:15am this morning. Looking darker and cooler.


(Below) Picture just in thanks to Gary Brown who was fishing at the Southern End of Lake Taupo today.  From the quality of the fish we have seen from the boaties this year we are expecting some cracker fish to run the rivers this year  ….. if you are considering self isolating then it might pay to self isolate on the river or lake.  We think you will be in for a great time with the quality of fish.  Can’t travel overseas?  Then head to your bach / holiday home / Turangi … catch up on some maintenance and then spend some time hooking into the fish …. if you don’t then Neil, Pete and Myself will be giving the fish a nudge 😉





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