Fishing Reports

Friday 19/07/2019 July

Highly Fishable

The river is looking fantastic and and has dropped down to a very fishable 38cumecs and looks in great order, we would love to be out there getting the kinks pulled out of my flylines today. The wetliners will find the little bit of extra water in their favour and there have been plenty of black or olive woolly buggers heading out the door. I have had some good results swinging red rabbits as the river clears. It sounds like the Troll hole (upper bridge pool) might have been a little slow this morning but that just means that the fish might have moved further up the river so it will pay to break from the norm and search out new water. Nymphing with globugs is going gangbusters but a large gold beaded natural will give the more aggressive ones something to lash at as it drifts past. It may also pay to have a slightly heavier bomb on with the bit of extra flow to ensure it gets down.

Drizzle is falling here in Turangi but may turn to rain through the day, the forecast is looking promising for the weekend so make the most of the end of school holidays and come get into some of the freshrun Rainbows that have manged to give the delta boaties the slip. The lake reports have been on the quiet side with blustery winds keeping the not so keen on dry land. Lighter winds are coming for the weekend so get those boats sorted.

Jared, Pete and myself are in the shop today.



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