Fishing Reports

Saturday 19th December 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast start to the day here in Turangi today.  The sun and blue sky tying to break through as of 11:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable and is flowing at 26.4 cumecs.  No wind as of 11:00am.

A few anglers have called into the shop and have said “What’s the river level like … appears to be more water in it than normal”.  The issue I have with this is … What is normal ??  Fish the river as you see it on the day.  26.4 cumecs AINT a lot of water. When talking about “Normal” especially with the weather, I usually ask the question “What Campground here in New Zealand is going to be flooded out over Christmas or the New Year ? ”

Plenty of fish out there to be picked up either wetlining or nymphing during the day.  The caddis numbers for the evening rise have tapered off a wee bit but reports through that there are plenty of Mayflies Hatching. Small wee black ones and ones much larger.

I’m hearing a few more cicadas during the day now.  Another dose of rain and a few more sunny days will most likely increase the numbers of these.  We don’t want it to get too dry and we don’t want it to get too cold for these.


(Above) These are the big fat juicy cicadas that hatch around here in Turangi.  Irresistible to trout.  Once the trout lock onto these they can’t resist themselves.  This picture is from 23rd January 2011.

(Below) You know it has been a good cicada year when you walk along the tracks and find a whole heap of wings that have been plucked off by the birds who feast heavily on the cicadas. They glisten in the dewy mornings.  As the temperatures cool later in the Summer the cicadas slow down and are easier for the birds to get.  They pluck the wings off before they eat them. This picture was taken by me on the 14th March 2007

(Below) This picture I took on 27th February 2007. The wings are quite tough. They present a problem for the fly tying enthusiast who thinks they have to have an exact match …. a few strands of flashabou accent pearl works just fine …. if you get too over complicated with the wing material you create a whirring / fluttering / spinning fly that makes a funny noise as it flies through the air.


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