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Saturday 20th March 2021

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny with a cool start to the day today ( about 5 degrees celcius ). A light Southerly breeze which is a bit nippy. The Tongariro is highly fishable and flowing at 22.1 cumecs.

We had a few anglers racing into the shop yesterday looking for Passion Vine Hopper ( Lace Moth ) patterns …. they said the fish were rising madly and were very selective in what they took. It pays to possibly have about half a dozen patterns to try.  Once you get one that they are locked onto then you can have a bit of fun. Also sometimes you may get one on one pattern, nothing, change to another pattern, another fish, nothing , change to another pattern, another fish and so on.

We have also been getting reports from the Lake Taupo boat anglers over the last week that ” something with a bit of green in it ” seems to be working. If trolling try a green and gold toby, green and silver toby or green and gold cobra or green flash toby. In saying that another angler called into the shop yesterday and said that he always does really well on a Tassie Devil Bengal Tiger which is black, yellow and orange.   If jigging try a Silicon Smelt with a green body, Green Orbit or green bodied Jack Sprat.

Don’t forget to dust off the sinking lines for the up-coming flush through the river ( see below ).  If it stays fine and sunny then the flows shouldn’t get too high but if it rains then it could come a up a bit.  It it stays low then the nymphing should be ok.  If it is high give the old wetlines a burn. This should be perfect conditions for the Skagit / Spey fishermen to have a burn.

Reports of fresh run looking rainbows in the lower Tongariro over the last few days.

An email in yesterday morning updating works on the river:


The current works on the Moawhango and Rangipo Intake Tunnels has been extended.  The current planned end date for the work is Monday 22 March.

The Poutu Tunnel and Canal work (22-31 March) is still expected to occur as scheduled.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Ngā mihi,

Kenzie Jackson | Environmental Advisor Genesis


The original email is below


Just a reminder below to keep this in mind with the work being carried out that river levels will be up a bit and also that they COULD GET PRETTY HIGH if it rains over this time.  Keep in mind the thought that if you cross to an island you may not be able to get back with the uncontrolled flows. The last time something like this happened a few years ago I think the river sat at about 50 cumecs for the time the work was carried out.  During this time I did more wetlining in the faster flows and this was pretty good.

Kia ora,

Genesis has upcoming maintenance work that will result in higher flows than usual on the Tongariro River for much of March.

From Saturday 6 March to Friday 19 March, the Moawhango and Rangipo Intake Tunnels will be inspected.  This work means flows from Rangipo Dam to Poutu Intake will be at natural levels, and more subject to natural fluctuation.  This work will also require a flow discharge into Waihaha Stream of up to 3 cumecs, so please be aware of higher flows than normal in this stream and its crossing on the Tree Trunk Gorge track.

Then, from Monday 22 March to Wednesday 31 March, the Poutu Tunnel and Canal will be inspected, affecting the flows downstream of Poutu Intake, including at Tūrangi township.  These flows will be approximately 15-25 cumecs higher than what is normally seen in the lower Tongariro River.  Flows will also be higher in the Poutu Stream during this period.

Due to the nature of the work, either or both inspections may be completed and the river returned to its usual flows before the end of the periods described above.  

Please be aware that these flows will also be subject to natural fluctuation and generation flow change at any time.

Please feel free to share this information directly or via social media with other river users and contact me if you have any questions.  Flow information can be found on the Genesis website.

Ngā mihi,

Kenzie Jackson | Environmental Advisor Genesis


(Above & Below) I was doing a bit of digging and found a bit of nostalgia.  Some old averts out of the early Target Taupo Magazines for Sporting Life from the 80’s/ early 90’s .. boy o boy how times have changed !! I guess you can still ” write ” in by email these days which is getting superseded by other things as well 😉



Maxima Fluorocarbon



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