Fishing Reports

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start here in Turangi today.  A -1.5 degree celcius frost according to the outside thermometer this morning. No wind as of 9:00am this morning. These frosts remind me of the “Good Old Days” here in Turangi. Frozen rod guides, the feel of burning fingers ( strange how your fingers seem to burn when they are cold ) … icy puddles … the lure of catching a big fat rainbow at first light !  I wonder what the Winter will bring weather wise?  Will it be a cold, frosty and sunny one ? or a wet, dark and dingy one ?? I wonder how much snow the mountains will get this year.

I’ve seen evidence of quite a few browns being caught and also some good quality rainbows.  I think anglers will be impressed by some of the rainbows this year.


(Above) I went out for a walk after work yesterday to check out the river. This is looking upstream from the Major Jones Swing Bridge. The shadows are getting a little longer now … not quite so much daylight after I finish work now … just to think .. only another two or three weeks until garlic planting time !!  Better start think about putting the Christmas Decorations back up as well !!

(Below) Two anglers fishing the Hydro Pool at about 4:00pm yesterday evening.  We ended up with a very cold lazy wind here in Turangi yesterday .. I think it was blowing directly from the South. The Mangamawhitiwhiti Stream entrance is just to the lower left of the photo.

(Below) Check out the video of the angler in the picture above sending out a great cast …. if you watch closely enough you will see his flies land in the bush … yup, he busted off the fly and had to tie on a new one. Sometimes getting in a massive long cast is not that beneficial 😉

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