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Tuesday 20th July 2021


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi this morning.  No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is in a fishable condition and flowing at about 39.6 cumecs.

Well we got a good dose of rain coming into the weekend.  This brought the Tongariro up in level with a good flood of 424 cumecs.  In the grander scheme of things this is still a fairly small one compared to past events. This was the kind of flush we needed to turn the river boulders over and also to hopefully scour some of the vegetation off from along the side of the river to clean it up a bit.

We should see some good runs of fish come up after this.  I always had a thought that the dirty water flowing out into the lake was a good attractor for fish thinking about running.

Typical… Every weekend I get off crap like this happens to me.  I didn’t bother fishing.  It seems as though that every day I am at work the weather is fantastic until I get to my days off!  That’s why I want volunteers to work for me during the week so I can go fishing to beat the Weather Hex !  Since no one has bothered to volunteer for me, I will get those volunteers to fish in the river during the week so that they can find and clear the snags for me so that when I do go fishing then I should lose less flies 😉

The rocks should be really clean and wadable now after this flood.  Plenty of the remaining insect life from the last flood a few weeks ago should have been released from under the rocks and the fish should once again go into a feeding frenzy this week.  Mayflies and Caddis should be the go here.  If there is not much nymph life then the glo bugs should do the trick and even antagonizing the fish on the wet fly.

The good thing is there may be some changes to the river. This will be a challenge to some to learn how to fish “a new river”. About 10 years ago we had about 13 floods in the river.  Nearly drove me mad  …. each time the river flooded I had to get out and re-learn it again.

A little tip for you – if you are not sure if there are snags or not, use your old rusty and falling apart flies that you have stored in your fly box for years to seek them out …. also you might find they catch just as many fish as your good quality “go too’s ” 😉

Reports that the Tauranga-Taupo River is still coloured but cars reported at the Carpark.

(Below) I went out to check on the river yesterday afternoon at about 3pm.  The river didn’t look too bad.  This was flowing at about 80 cumecs.  Today the river is fine for fishing.



(Below) There was one angler fishing at the Head of the Major Jones Pool at about 3pm yesterday.

(Below) You could see your feet in knee deep water yesterday afternoon.  This type of colour to the water would have been ideal to use the “Code Brown” wetfly that I was talking about last week.  Usually in this coloured water you have a greater chance at catching a brown trout.

(Below) These days when we get a lot of rain it is called an ” Extreme Weather Event ” which is usually linked to Climate Change. However, this was a lot of rain but we have had more in the past that people have forgotten about.  In my days growing up “Extreme Weather Events ” were just usually called  “Shit Weather !” . Growing up and travelling around with my parents, I always remember large slips blocking roads, the Waiotaka River always used to flood over S.H.1, the Saddle Road going from Turangi over to National Park got washed out  This was a minor flood to some of the ones we have had in the past. As you can see from the table below, large flooding events have occurred many times in the past. The ones in the 50’s and 60’s were before ” Climate Change” so I wonder what caused them ?

The Images below are from the Target Taupo Magazine November 1998 Issue 29.







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