Fishing Reports

Friday the 20th of August 2021


It’s very hard as you are all well aware with these present circumstances to not be making the most of what was an absolutley outstanding few days of fishing prior to lock-down. The day of Lock Down before we all go the news Connor had been out in the pouring rain, before the flows lifted the river to unfishable, absolutley slaying it, those of you that follow him on Instagram would of seen his play by play stories of one solid rainbow after the other on the Spey Gear, it was ripping lips and taking names it what was a heater of a run of fish.

The days prior we had rafted the Middle reaches of the Tongariro back to town, for the first time in a number of weeks the angling pressure was low, we counted 3 other anglers on the trip down and knew 2 of them. It was also wet and cold but again the fishing was on, nymphing naturals and glo bugs and having a ball. The coffee stops along the way with a bit of Jeds No 5 keeping everyone warm in their Yeti Ramblers.

Yeti Rambler 12 oz Bottle

Jesse from Flytackle NZ fished like a boss

Yeti Rambker 12oz for all your coffee needs

There are most definitley fish making their push up the Tongariro while we all deal with the unknown at the moment, and you, like us, like most, want to be out there and amongst the action, feeling the bend, hanging with the bros, chillin with the girls but we will just have to be patient and when the time comes join us in Turangi for some fly fishing magnificence.


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