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Thursday 21st February 2019

Highly Fishable
Clouds and sun

It’s been a steady old time in the shop this morning with mostly International anglers in town. There are a lot of the lads from New Caledonia over at the moment escaping the terrible weather and winds they are getting up that way. New Caledonia is next on the travel list for me to chase some of the big Bonefish on the North of the Island and catch up with some of the good buggers we get in the shop.

I had Mike Burgess on the water for the day yesterday fishing the Tongariro. It was an all action afternoon with 9 rising to the Cicada. The morning was a funny session, there were several fish breaching with splashes all around us but they looked to be smaller fish. They hit the Cicada pattern we drifted past but nothing wanted to stick. These fish were all over the section of water we were fishing with no defined area of the water being an indicator of where to make the cast, just splashes everywhere.

The bigger fish we landed, the biggest being a 4 and a half pound rainbow jack in excellent condition with a nice fat belly were all in either riffled water or around structure where logs were exposed from the water or casting into the tree lines where there was a soft seam. A lot of line maintenance was required with a big mend put in as or just before the fly hit the water. Mike did a fantastic job striking on some very technical setups. Most of the fish gave themselves away as to where to make the cast and most of them came to the net.

There were some big browns on the edges as we made our way up river in very shallow water. As with these big Tongariro Browns there are times when they just go doggo and even walking right up to them doesn’t get them moving. Mike made some excellent casts to cover these fish but not the slightest bit of movement. In fact the only movement I saw was when we put a dropper on below the Cicada and the Brown moved out of the way of the Nymph as if to say “not today boys, go grab a beer”

Kana and I have been doing a river walk every night since I got back and there are plenty of fish around. The main road Bridge Pool is holding stunning fish and it is worth walking across the Bridge and having a look down. Pretty Impressive. There was one stunning rainbow feeding hard closed to the Bridge Pillars, hitting things hard from the surface of the water but there was not an angler in sight.

We have the whole crew in the shop for the next few days so pop in and say g’day and get yourself geared up. The weather forecast for the weekend is still very changeable and not sure if we will get anything from the Northern Cyclone but a bit of rain would be very welcomed as the grass is brown and the rivers are low.

Don’t forget that on Thursday the 7th of March we have Rio Products legend Simon Gawesworth in the shop to demonstrate some Spey Fishing Techniques and have a talk on lines for when, why and what to use. If you want to be part of the day flick me an email to so we can cater for numbers. Simon is a man that if you know Fly Fishing you know Simon and it’s an opportunity not to be missed. You will learn a lot.

See you there and see you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi


Andrew Burden


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