Fishing Reports

Saturday 21st March 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today …. a bit of cloud about which may burn off later. No wind as of 9:00am.  All rivers are clear and fishable.

Each day has seen a taper off in the number of anglers calling through the shop and people strolling through the town.  It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months with the Coronavirus Outbreak.  I suppose to look on the bright side …. the fish won’t care.  They will still be doing their normal thing.

We still have some overseas anglers here in town who seem to be stuck here as Airports around the world are closed and they can’t reach anyone to tell them what is going on … most seem pretty happy at the prospect of staying here in NZ !

Hopefully everyone will be ok.  A few of us might have to Self Isolate … possibly on the river so hopefully we can still post and keep you all chomping at the bit to keep your levels of sanity up …. I suppose Netflix will come in handy over the next three or four months … well for the first day at least !

I suppose if one enjoys fishing then being self contained in Turangi we have the added advantage of still being able to fish.

Isolation will be a good chance to go over your gear and tidy things up and do a bit of maintenance.

Get out the fly boxes and check your flies.  Throw out the old rusty ones, cut the little bits of nylon off the eyes that are still there, organise the flies so that your are all ready to go when you can go.

Fix up any zips / velcro on your wading vest.  Reinforce the net release point. Pull out all of the old muesli bar wrappers, cigarette butts, old brown apple cores that may still be hiding in there somewhere.

Sort out your nylon stash and tidy up offcuts

Sort out your wading net / patch holes / clean the mesh / sort out your release mechanisims.

Clean your equipment ie wipe down your rods, eyes of your rods,  give your reels a wipe and get all of the sand out, just LIGHTLY oil or grease the shafts and spool release mechanisims and handles.

Give your stuff a wash ….. hand wash waders / thermals etc / clean your wading boots, scrub the soles, clear out any sand build-up

Patch any leaks

And then you are possibly ready to start tying some flies to get ready for the season ….. season coming up … tie some glo bugs also look at tying some flies for the next Summer ie Passion Vine Hoppers, Cicadas, Sporting Caddis, Green Beetle, Pheasant tails, Hare and Coppers, Flashbacks.

Also do some work around the house to tidy up the odd jobs … fix the leaky taps, do the odd repairs, get the gardens up to scratch …. keep the Mrs on side … and score the brownie points so that you can claim that all the jobs are done and you will then have time to go fishing 😉


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