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Sunday 21st March 2021

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  No wind as of 9:00am. The temperature was about 4 degrees celcius at first light today.  The trees are really changing colour around the town very quickly now.  The Tongariro is flowing at 22.1 cumecs and is highly fishable.

Reports that the river coloured up yesterday morning.

Anglers have still been enjoying a bit of dry fly action over the last week of nice sunny weather using Passion Vine Hoppers. Reports that a few Mayflies have been hatching as well.

This big high pressure system over us will have to move on so we can get some good rain.  Pretty much any rain that we get from now on should move some fresher rainbows into the rivers.  Traditionally the first kind of regular rainfall that we get usually happens at the end of April, however this year seems to be cooler earlier and this could be a little different.

Fresh rainbows reported through the week in the lower river and anglers are still spotting plenty of fish in the Tongariro.  Usual suspects and a good mix of fish of good fat browns / long lean browns, recovered silver rainbows, fresh rainbows and the juvenile fish.  It is a great time of the year to fish the river as you can pretty much do any method of fishing and still catch fish …. not sure why so many still wait until the Winter runs …. I would rather have the variety now and fish in stunning weather conditions, especially if you don’t like the cold and crowds.

A bit hit and miss on the jigging reports.  Had one young fella in the shop the other day who hadn’t done very well jigging but said “The fish were jumping all around us” and I said ” Why were you jigging on the bottom if they were splashing all around you on the top …. try Harling ! ”  The old scenario of doing what you have always done with your eyes telling you “something ” and that something is “something you do not see” even though your eyes are telling you something 😉 It’s not really Rocket Science when it comes to fishing but more the fact that if “Something Ain’t Working – Change to something else that may ! — AND be prepared to change”

FOUND – x1 Echo Base 690-4 butt piece off a rod.  If this is yours phone us here at (07) 386 8996 or email us at


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