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Tuesday 21st August 2018


Overcast with steady rain falling at times. No wind as of 8:45am. As of 8:45am the Tongariro is fishable with both a nymph or wetline. It was flowing at about 40 cumecs. The water had a dark kind of colour to it … what one would almost describe as tannin coloured. It poured down overnight and I was surprised to see the river at a fishable level.

Also for Lost and Found. We received this email a couple of days ago. You can call us at Sporting Life 07 386 8996 or email if you think this is yours:

Hi there

My friend and I found a flybox at the edge of the Lower Bridge Pool on Friday. It looks as though it might have floated there, so may not have been lost in that pool. It has a lot of flies, neatly organised and looks to be a Czech nympher-type collection, probably worth quite a bit in total. If anyone has lost it and can provide a reasonable description of the box and its contents, we’d be happy to forward it. Can you put the word out and let me know if an owner turns up.

All the best, Phil

fly fishing turangi 1 bridge pool 21082018.jpg

(Above) Looking downstream from the S.H.1 road bridge at about 8:20am this morning. Three anglers fishing here. The one on the left had about 4 or 5 fish that he was washing off to take home. I could see about another three anglers way down in the lower Bridge Pool.

(Below) After all of the rain that we got overnight the river was at a fishable level at 8:20am this morning. More rain is forecast through the day and the level may rise some more throughout the day.

fly fishing turangi 2 bridge pool 2108018.jpg

(Below) One angler nymphing upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge this morning.

fly fishing turangi 3 bridge pool 21082018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge.

fly fishing turangi 4 bridge pool 21082018.jpg

(Below) Plenty of pollen is lining the edges of the puddles at present. There is some relief for the hay fever sufferers at the moment with the rain keeping the pollen on the ground …. watch out when the sun comes out and the wind picks up !

pollen 20082018.jpg

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