Fishing Reports

Thursday 21st November 2019

Highly Fishable

A bright sunny day to start the day here in Turangi today.  Very cold overnight but so far as of 9:30am there is no wind.  Going by the last few weeks the wind should pick up around mid day and be quite gusty towards the afternoon.

Now that the sun is out anglers have started taking out dry flies once again.  Try a Dad’s Favourite or C3 Tricky Situation.

I went out for a flick on Tuesday for a few hours.  I had a good sleep in to let the early morning fisho’s have a crack.  I headed out closer to lunchtime. I got to the river to find it a nice milky colour … just clearing from the day before.  Perfect for nymphing !

The fish took a variety of flies, from Flashback Hares Ear, Green Caddis, Prince Nymph and my Bomb.  Some quite good sized recovering fish in there too. They put up a good fight.  It was really windy on Tuesday and in the end I gave up as I got too cold.  I’m longing for the 26 degree days again.

There is some fantastic fishing on the Tongariro at present, especially nymphing but… don’t go past the dry fly as well.

Plenty of juvenille trout fry reported in the shallows … BIG browns like eating these 😉

(Above & Below) I thought these two photos were the same fish but when you look at the spot pattern on their heads, they are definitely different fish. I caught them one after the other.

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