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Tuesday 21st December 2021

Highly Fishable

🎣🎣 Good Afternoon from us all at Sporting Life Turangi 🎣🎣


It’s a mild day in Turangi, the river settling down at 33.6m3/s with reports of more brown trout heading up the Tongariro. There’s still plenty of rainbows about and room on the river to boot! So come on over and we will do our best to help you achieve what fishing experience you are after and offer advice.
Neil fished the Tongariro yesterday and found good numbers of fish, predominantly recovering rainbows but shaping up well with the abundance of insects, to no surprise! 🦗  The dry’s are working well on the hot days and we aren’t short of them, so this season appears to be shaping up to be a good one!

On Sunday, Claudio and I were up Coromandel ways and decided to get a few to fill the freezer because for us there’s nothing better than eating fish you have harvested yourself! We set out for shore-based fishing so we did a bit of research to find clear, warm water away from heavy wind and had received good intel from locals as well since it had been quite sometime where either of us had fished the region. Schools of kahawai were concentrated just off the rocks, so there were king fish about occasionally tearing through.
Any lure in silver was working well, the Kilwell Zed Spinner in Silver was killer on kahawai including this kingfish.

Kilwell Zed Spinners


Jigging was the ticket over the weekend seeing well conditioned Lake trout brought to the net with Pat Swift’s Yellow Ladies working particularly well over the weekend for Keith and Kathleen

Pat Swift Jigging: Epoxy Yellow Lady UV

Shop fly tyer, Tim McCarthy has been busy keeping the fly displays full! Today with his famed Armadillo nymphs and smelt flies which continue to get results as they keep going out the door, so get in quick before they all go!






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