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Friday 22nd February 2019

Highly Fishable

It’s an overcast day in Turangi. We have had hints of rain then it stops. The Kaimanawas have some dark cloud sitting above and it is threatening rain but so far still light winds and mostly dry. As i wrote that a consistent light rain has started falling.

There is a lot of algae on the rocks from the prolonged hot dry days and wetline anglers have been in the shop to mention that they are having to clean there fly after every swing. An easy way to get on top of this is to fish lighter sink lines or even swing woolly buggers with a Floating Line and perhaps add a bit of Loon Deep Soft Weight to the leader to adjust depths.

There has been a slight lessen in noise from the Cicadas as it has gotten slightly colder in the last couple of days so it will be interesting to see what the weekend brings and if the Cicadas will continue to feed hungry Rainbow and Brown Trout. Black is still the go.

Pete has been busy frantically tying Lace Moth Pattern (Passionvine Hoppers) for angles lately. They are on, so add them to your Fly Box.

I am starting to get some photos from our trip to the Islands. All the footage I took has been lost due to some malfunctions with the gear but it was a outstanding trip guided by a top bunch of blokes from Bonefish E2’s Way.

I was lucky enough to head over with a team of good mates who had done the trip before, which was great because they knew the rigging needed for hard fighting saltwater fish. Tim Angeli, Jason Cochrane and Nick Foster.

It was a super learning experience and at the end of most days around a bottle of rum I sat there content and sometimes in disbelief at the things that unfolded through the day.  Any questions on the trip email me at

I have run out of time to go into more detail right now but holy heck what a trip.

Bonefish on the Flats

See you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi


Andrew Burden






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