Fishing Reports

Saturday 22nd February 2020

Mostly cloudy

The current dry spell is still with us and can clearly be seen in the farm lands surrounding Turangi which are brown and crispy. The Tongariro River is still very clear and running at 21cummecs. It has just started to rain here in Turangi but it should be clear again by Sunday, it may only be enough to lay the dust and water the garden but anything would be welcome right at the moment. The shop has been busy over the last few weeks which has kept us on our toes, thanks for filling in and giving us a break when needed AB, it was appreciated.

There has been a lot of tourists coming in to check out fishing options, some have been successful and others have just enjoyed a day or two of experiencing what we are lucky to have right on our doorstep. Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi also stocks the gear for those who want to get kitted out for our various walking tracks, the Tongariro Crossing always being the most popular.

With the lower numbers of cicada hatching this year the dryfly fishing has been a bit hit and miss, the good news is that there is heaps of Trout still in the rivers. The talk lately has been about the influx of Lace Moth that the trout have been gorging themselves on, it can be very frustrating to have fish splashing and selectively taking these little bugs and if your fly and drift aren’t spot on they will casually swim up for a look but turn away leaving us wondering what we have to do. Dropping down to a lighter tippet can make the difference but having soft hands while bringing them to the net will possibly avoid the disappointment of busting off our hard won target. I spent today wandering up the Tauranga Taupo river and saw heaps of trout happily filling up on the Lace Moth but couldn’t buy an eat, thankfully there were a couple of Rainbows hanging out hard against the banks that were eager to take a suspended nymph. Some large Brown Trout can be seen in tricky snaggy spots and it would have been an interesting tussle if one of these decided to play the game.

Boat anglers on Lake Taupo have been getting into some superb Rainbows lately, jigging or running a downrigger has been to the most successful method but trolling has been worth a go morning and afternoons. A lot of the fish kept for the smoker have been in great condition and full of smelt.Stream mouths at night can be good on these dark nights targeting Rainbows with luminous flys or slow retrieving a black fly for Browns.

The Perfect Drifter has been at it again with a couple of Lake Taupo stunners.

Anthony Sas emailed this photo of his catch recently.


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