Fishing Reports

Sunday 22nd March 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast with light drizzly rain falling in Turangi this morning. All rivers are clear and fishable.  No wind as of 9:30am.

A few anglers have been in the store over the last few days stocking up on fly tying material ready for the impending closure of everything ….. tying flies in the down time will stock up the boxes and fill in a bit of time. Alongside the bulk supplies of toilet paper / food and hand sanitizers that you have at home, make sure you have plenty of:

Hooks, Beads, Threads, Dubbings, Glo Bug Yarn.  Also make sure you have a good supply of nylon. The terminal tackle is the necessity of fishing ( along with toilet paper being the nesscesity of life on Earth ) …. we were wondering what people used before toilet paper was invented ?  Anyone got any ideas ?

I suppose people who can’t cook or generally do their “hunting and gathering” in supermarkets are going to struggle as instant noodles / takeaways are closed, instant food will run out … the hunter / gatherers amongst us will still be able to eat fish. We can’t rely on online shopping as the couriers might be locked up inside too and unable to deliver anything that the world of the internet has created ?  The click of a button may not be as convenient as most people may think.

The funny thing today after the announcement of yesterday recommending those of high risk ( ie over 70) stay at home … I have seen a lot of them in town today??

Also those anglers in the shop today have said they have had fantastic fishing over the last few days.  The rain that we have got will hopefully chill the water temps down a bit.  A few  anglers have reported some really nice fresh run fish over the last week.  The rainbows should start to trickle in now.  Browns are still more likely to be caught at present.  I am still seeing the Passion Vine Hopper / Lace moth but these are starting to be a little thinner on the ground …. also the odd report of short evening rises with fish still hitting the Sporting Caddis.




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