Fishing Reports

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Highly Fishable
Mostly cloudy

It started out a bit on the nippy side this morning and there was a bit of low cloud and a slight breeze. The cloud and the breeze seem to have disappeared and it’s turning into a cracker day.

I left home a few minutes early this morning and had a peer off the bridge. There was no one fishing and I was able to spot a few “Bows” happily feeding away and 3 or 4 nice “Brownies”. All were on the Nose Bag. I guess they were filling up before the onslaught of anglers attacked the pool. There was one angler on the Lower Bridge and that’s all I saw. Contrary to popular belief, no one on the river doesn’t equate to no fish in the rivers. There’s still a lot of real good fish about.

Jared and I are in store today, so come in and say G’day.

Tight Lines,


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