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Monday 22nd June 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

A bit quieter in the shop first thing this morning. Most anglers have headed back home after the weekend.  What a weekend it was !! Some great fish hooked ( and lost ) and landed too. Now that we have passed the shortest day of the year have you all noticed the extra 2 secs extra light that we have got today ? Roll on daylight savings !!!!!!!!

Once again the rainfall fell last week just in time to set the weekend up perfectly for anglers.  I would say quite a few fish would have run on that burst of rain.  Bring it on.  Still early days yet and the runs should continue to build as we head for Spring, especially the rainbows.

Anglers were hoping that there would have been enough rain last week to cause a flood to scour some of the really slippery brown slime off the rocks that has built up over the last few weeks, however there wasn’t enough flow to do this.

The only complaints so far ” Too many bloody anglers around ” … however we are almost getting back to the “Good Old Days ” numbers.

Also reports from some that  ” It is the lowest we have ever seen Lake Taupo ” but just remember that peoples memories are very fickle and it is “as low as it is since the last time it was this low“.  The Alarmists, Conspiracy Theorists and People Who Walk Around with Tin Foil hats pretty much have as fickle memories as the rest of us.  Pete says the media usually find a Wizzened up old person who usually says something like ” I never seen a flood of this size ever ” …… well that they could remember? And these days with instant reporting we have a record but in the old days ….. no one cared ( we have just come off a season of fires around the world – google the Raetihi Forest Fire 1918 ( before Global Warming and Climate Change ) . But as I have said, memories are fickle. When the lake is low like this, then it is a time to hit the drop off mouths such as the Delta, Waimarino and Tauranga-Taupo.  There is usually an easy wade to “get to the lip “. Some great fishing being reported at some mouths at present.

The picture below is thanks to Mercury Energy and shows the level of Lake Taupo.  As you can see most people have already forgotten how low the lake was in June last year after the fairly dry Summer that nearly everyone has already forgotten about.  Lake Taupo is a Hydro Controlled Lake and there are restrictions on the levels that must be maintained. As you can see there is a Maximum operating Level and a Minimum operating level.  In my time here at Sporting Life I have seen the Lake go slightly over the Maximum Operating Level due to just an excessively wet time and I have also seen it hit just about the bottom line as well. But even as low as the Lake is, it is still nowhere near the bottom yet.  If you take the top level of 357.25m and minus the lower level ( say about 355.8m)  then the difference in level is about 1.45m (quite a lot).


(Above & Below) These photos are thanks to James Street who hasn’t fished here for a while.  James writes:

I can still fish …  Boots fit good too ….  Cheers Guys

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