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Wednesday 22nd August 2018


Overcast with some clear blue sky and the odd passing shower. A slight SW breeze blowing. The Tongariro is flowing at a very fishable 43 cumecs. Peter Carty went down to the river this morning to check on the state of it and said it was very fishable.

Is seems like yesterday the river fished quite well first thing in the morning but later in the day the reports were either ” it was too dirty and high for us so we went home ” or ” nothing much happened ” or ” yeah we changed our set up and looked for the most likely water and had a good day ” …. that last one was false but what should have happened. The Pessimists v The Optimists.

It has been interesting working in a fishing shop for so long and seeing the “doomed angler who has everything against them, the world is over, there’s no fish out there, it’s always someone else’s fault, I will only go fishing when the runs are on” kind of angler versus the ” yeah mate I’ve only got two hours to go fishing, I really love fishing, how do I correctly set my gear up that I have got, where can I go fishing and what can I use to most likely increase my chances at catching a fish” type of angler.

If you cast your eyes back over the reports for the last year you will always see fish that have been caught throughout the year and have been caught by anglers that have caught them. Nearly every day there are photos of fish on the website. The desire to ACTUALLY want to go fishing has a big part to play in whether you catch anything or not. My theory is that you are a long time dead and that fishing beats working 😉

This “heap” of rain that we got hasn’t really effected the river level too much in the grander scheme of things and as a result the Tongariro remains fishable with either the nymph or the wetline. This extra water will most definitely have moved some nice fresh fish up-river. We seem to have got a lot of rain here in town itself but most rain on the mountains will have fallen as snow hence the river levels not spiking majorly.

Also just a reminder to watch your angling etiquette as well. A few complaints from anglers yesterday getting upset at others jumping in the pool without asking them first and also not moving through a pool.

(Below) Andrew Burden was out on the Tongariro River yesterday and looks like he was into some fish.

andrew burden tongariro river fly fishing turangi 21082018.jpg

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