Fishing Reports

Thursday 22nd October 2015


Overcast with light drizzle to start the day today. So far not so much wind in town (the Boss reports whitecaps out on Lake Taupo out off Motuoapa). Heavier rain is forecast for the afternoon. We actually need a bit of rain as things tended to be a little on the dry side. The last few days had seen a LOT of wind …. damn wind !! Not so good for those who were trying to fly fish on the river. I just had the last couple of days off so kind of avoided fishing while it was so windy (I’m petty lucky I can pick my days!).

Still got anglers reporting plenty of fish in the rivers and most of them are still spawning hard out.

I got an angler on Monday report that he landed four fish on the dry fly during the day as he saw some fish rising and had a crack at them. For the dry fly enthusiast then it should be worth keeping your eyes out for this over the next few weeks. I haven’t had the time to get out to see what’s up with the evening rise yet but in the past if it gets too windy it tapers off as the gusts of wind are strong and then when the wind dies off the action picks up again (I find that it can blow for most of the rise though!). Best to find a sheltered spot if that is the case.

A heads up for Labour Weekend. The shop will be open all weekend including Sunday and Monday.

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