Fishing Reports

Friday 22nd November 2019

Highly Fishable
Mostly cloudy

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. Still a bit cool in the mornings. The wind may pick up and be a little gusty during the day.  The Tongariro is clear and highly fishable.

I had my first report of a Green Beetle yesterday. This can now be confirmed.  They are on their way !!

1:30pm ….. I also heard my first cicada for the season … it was chirping as I stepped out my door to come back to work from lunch !

May flies have been reported hatching madly on the river with some god dry fly / dropper action over the last day or two (thank God for the sunshine).   Some fantastic nymphing as well. The river has been fished pretty heavy but if you want success then you need to look at water you think hasn’t been touched.  Also be prepared to change tactics / techniques to suit what you see.

Anglers are sight fishing to fish in the Tongariro and are reporting them feeding quite well.  Also some anglers have reported seeing some HUGE fish which they say aren’t browns but appear to be rather large rainbows….. my guess at this time of the year they are most likely browns that are moving into the river to feed on the smaller rainbows.  Possibly could be a run of fresh rainbows that came through with the last lot of rain.  A give-away for the browns is usually they look a greeny colour on their backs but being fresh out of the lake they could also take on a light colour to look like rainbows.

A fantastic time of the year to fish with so many options.

With plenty of smelt reported by the boaties it would be a good chance to try yellow and white cobras, mother of pearl lures and blue head with silver body cobra.  Once the green beetles start to show up then try the traffic light, green and gold cobra, green lightening bolt toby and anything with a bit of green in it.





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