Fishing Reports

Thursday 23rd January 2020

Highly Fishable
Clouds and sun

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am.  This may pick up later in the day. All rivers are clear and fishable.


SATURDAY 8th February 2020  – starting 9:00am for 6 hours ( this will affect the river from Poutu intake into Turangi Township ) 

SUNDAY 9th February 2020 – starting 8:00am for 8 hours ( this will effect the section between Rangipo Dam and Poutu Intake ) 

Some good sized browns are being caught in the Tongariro at present.  Might pay to have a mooch around the river looking to see where they are while it is clear and sunny.

I recieved this email and picture the other day thanks to Serge from New Caledonia.  Serge writes :

Hello team. A beautiful one yesterday evening, and another the day before yesterday. But without Jared’s advice I wouldn’t have taken it, and what a fight to get it out but the knots held firm. Good sale Serge.


On Tuesday I decided to have a look up at the Hinemaiaia River since it was a nice day. I decided to wet wade and to dry fly / dropper fish. What a great little river for Summer fishing. All of the fish I landed were Juvenile and the further up the river the smaller things got !! The thing is with catching them you still have to get the drifts right and mending of your fly line but they are such aggresive little suckers.  Great fun on light gear.  Something like a #4 Sage Dart would be a good rod with a #5 Rio Single Hand Spey line.  This line taper allows the flies to roll out nicely. If catching these smaller fish, I would recommend using barbless hooks or crimping the barbs of your existing flies to make the removal of the hooks easier for you and not to damage the young fish.  Also don’t go too light on the rod because there will be the time where you are catching a heap of these little fellas and then I guarantee you will hook a monster!

Anlgers get carried away with catching the biggest thing they can get but I had a really great day up there. I’ve been and done catching the biggies but to me a fish is a fish.  Never saw another angler and never saw another foot print. I spotted about 6 legal sized fish but unfortunately by the time I had spotted them, they had also seen me and decided to scarper pretty quickly.  I even saw a brown that would have been about 5lbs.

Basically all of the fish took the dropper with one landed on the cicada dry fly and another one having a go at the dry.  The cicadas were chirping quite well too.


(Above & Below) The Simms wading socks were really comfortable and micro holes in the tops of the feet made the water squish out nicely.


(Below) The only fish I landed that rose to the dry !  Another one had a go but I didn’t hook up.

(Below) The Simms sungloves are really great.  Nice and comfortable to wear and they dry out pretty quick too. For all of the younger anglers out there …. get onto sun protection before you get too old and it’s too late to protect your skin.



(Below) I guess this is why they are called “Fingerlings” …  I couldn’t believe catching this thing …. It was litterally the size of my finger !  Contrary to what most people think … size isn’t every thing.


(Below) I even got one smaller than the one in the picture above !!!  Really cool markings on these little fish though !



(Below) Nice looking water.


(Below)  I made about half a dozen crossings that were up to my belly button …. when I did this the “Undercarriage” almost ascended to my tonsils !!  Speaking of ascending … some nice people decided to ascend their toilet paper at the carpark up to waist height in the bushes !  We were always taught if out camping to bury our waste … not leave it in full view to greet new visitors to the area !!! NOT COOL PEOPLE !!

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