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Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Highly Fishable

Overcast and calm start to the day here in Turangi today.  No wind as of 9:30am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable and flowing at about 22.4 cumecs.

I ended up taking the second ” Golden Ticket ” winner out over the last few days I had off.  We had some great weather and it was a great time. Hayden was the second winner from the little competition I had last year.  His winning “blurb” was the following:

Hi Jared,

What a great gift to be giving to two lucky fisher people! As a fisherman I have always listened, observed and been willing to try new or different techniques to hopefully improve my success both in sea and freshwater. We probably like to think we know a fair bit about our craft, but I have always believed that you never stop learning, and every time I get to come over to Turangi I learn something new from watching or talking to others on the river or you guys at the shop. As a father of three keen young fishers 7,9, and 11, I hope to be able to pass on valuable skills and knowledge to help them  improve their success and experience also, so being given the chance to head out with you and learn and improve would be a fantastic gift.

Cheers Jared,

Thanks, Hayden

We did it in two half days which was quite good to have a bit of variety.

(Below) Hayden landing a fish at the Boulder Reach on Sunday evening. This was nymphing. It was a stunning day to be out and about.

(Below) A silver rainbow. The Recreational Release coloured up the river on the Saturday. On Sunday morning and up to mid afternoon the river was clear but when we got up to here later in the day, the second release of water in the Upper Reaches of the Tongariro must have come through with the colour.

(Below) A good sized brown that I caught nymphing on Sunday afternoon.  I said to Hayden that brown water is a good chance to catch brown trout.

(Below) This is Hayden on the second day.  One of the things I said to him was if one method doesn’t work, then change to something else.

(Below) Hayden sent me an email and photo this morning. Hayden writes:

Hi Jared,

Thanks again for your expert tuition over the last few days, I have certainly learnt a lot had had a great time while doing so. I went back to where we started this morning on the dry dropper. I fished to one I could see but hooked a beautiful brown just ahead of it instead. It was just short of 5lb, and topped the day off for me.

Thanks mate.



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