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Thursday 23rd May 2019

Highly Fishable
Partly sunny
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Well it has been a good 2 days away on the river and in Turangi.

Had a good catch up with Bryce Curle Fishing Guide exploring the local waters and seeing what has been moving.

Had a good catch up with Cameron Forsman from the Manic Tackle Project at the Turangi Tavern over a few pints of Waikato Draught then a solid curry at the Monsoon “Splash Of Spice” after downing a chilli pepper that would burn your insides out.

The river sessions were excellent with solid fighting rainbows to the net for both me and Bryce on both days. I have loaded photos at the end of today’s video of a couple of the victims to our flies.

The rivers are still low and we are in need of rainfall but adjustments to your presentations will see you into really good fish.There are fish in the rivers and we saw a lot over the last 2 days. Complaining that there are no fish in the river isn’t a productive exercise and we hear it everyday in the shop. Change your tact, mix it up. They are there. Sometimes they get the better of you and sometimes you win. But make sure you have made the changes to win.

It was awesome to see Tracey Belliss and Heather getting geared up on the river yesterday. Tracey broke in her new rod with a fish for the smoker before heading home to Taupo for a bit of bragging rights at the Taupo Fishing Club.Im back in the shop for the next 2 days then on the road again for the weekend.

Still nutting out the plan for the Winter Fly Fest, but make sure you lock out the weekend of 10th of August and get your accommodation sorted. Tongariro River Motel, Parklands Motor Lodge, Creel Lodge Turangi, Judges Pool Motel, Anglers Paradise Motel, Tongariro Lodge, Sportsmans Lodge, Turangi Bridge Motel, Bar & Restaurant, Tongariro Junction.

See you there and come get yourself geared up at Sporting LIfe Fishing Outfitters – Turangi

Andrew Burden

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