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Saturday 23rd May 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine, sunny and a very frosty start to the day here in Turangi today.  When I finally got up to check the thermometer it was -4.6 degrees celcius. No wind as of 9:00am.

This weather really reminds me of times past here in Turangi.  When I was younger and in the Army doing my time at Waiouru I always found it the coldest in the hour before the sun came up.  It would be bitterly cold, but as the day light approached it almost felt as if the temperature always seems to drop even more just as it was getting light.  Living here in Turangi I would walk to work on the frosty mornings and would try and find the frozen puddles to smash or to look for the dirt patchs in amongst the grass as the moisture under the dirt would freeze and the little stones would sit on top …. a few steps through it would smash it and you had some good footprints and then see the ice column shards !!  About 15 years ago I remember we had 14 frosts in a row.

(Below) I was sent in this picture of a cracker Tongariro River Rainbow yesterday.  This is a really nice quality fresh run trout.  It was caught on the Single Hand Spey. Anglers have reported big fish this year so far with some struggling to land them …. a bit like the “Good Old Days”.  I am wondering if the 6 bag limit may be starting to take effect ??  Or have conditions in the Lake been exceptionally good over the last year or so to produce some good quality food for the trout … or could it be a combination of both ?? A few anglers have been reporting that they have been “smoked” by fish getting the better of them.

(Below) I took this picture of my outside temperature this morning.  Just before I took the picture it was -4.6.

(Below) Bbbrrr … my frosty footprint on the grass.

(Below) The ice shards I was talking about above in the dirt patches. The ice rises in little colums and usually you get little specks of dirt on the top … the ice colums are usually about an inch long.

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