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Thursday 23rd August 2018


1:00pm I just went down to the river to check it and it looks like a fishable level. About 65 cumecs here and brown but don’t worry about the brown colour. I would be fishing it if I wasn’t working….. where’s all the Skagit fishermen ?? Perfect conditons for that.

23082018 fly fishing turangi dirty water 65 cumecs.jpg

(Above) The colour of the Tongariro River as at 1:00pm today.

(Below) A light brown. 99% of anglers will go ” Na … too dirty … na … too high ” and head back home.

23082018 fly fishing turangi dirty water 65 cumecs bridge.jpg

(Below) Here is a picture of me back in 2014 and this was 58 cumecs and the same brown colour as above … I think I hooked 3 or 4 browns this size … all of the other anglers who I saw came down to the river went ” Na … too high, na … too dirty !!”


10:15am The Tongariro River is up and dirty … heading up to 80-90 cumecs. If it doesn’t rain during the day then it may be fishable mid to lateafternoon.

Overcast here in Turangi this morning. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is currently flowing at about 54 cumecs and is fishable but still looks to becoming up.

There was some really steady heavy rain overnight / this morning. The last three nights it has kept me awake with the CONSTANT downpours on the roof. However, I headed down to the river this morning and the level was not overly high and anglers were fishing. This is good to see. It indicates keen-ness.

Just remember that if there is some colour to the river … keep fishing the trout don’t mind this.

There was a massive amount of snow that I could see on the top of the Kaimanawa Ranges at lunchtime yesterday. This should cool the water temperatures down and get the fish moving.

(Below) The Small Colony of anglers has appeared below the S.H.1 road bridge again this morning at 8:30am. I had a look downstream and couldn’t see anyone further down in the Lower Bridge Pool. I guess it is a case of safety in numbers?

23082018 fly fishing turangi 1 small colony of anglers.jpg

(Below) A bit of casting action going on here.

23082018 fly fishing turangi 2 small colony of anlgers.jpg

(Below) The colour of the water as of 8:30am. In the deeper water it looked like a dark tea brown colour. Later in the day it may come up a bit more.

23082018 fly fishing turangi 3 small colony of anglers.jpg

(Below) A lone angler fishing upstream of the S.H.1 road bridge.

23082018 fly fishing turangi 4 small colony of anglers.jpg

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