Fishing Reports

Monday 23rd August 2021


We have to wait a little while longer now before we see an end to level 4 but I’m sure we can all get to the end of this one day at a time. Like lockdown 2020 I hadn’t realized how much yard work I’d put aside in order to hit the river instead, I was always confident of getting it done eventually and it now looks a treat and well set up for Spring which isn’t that far away now.

On my infrequent wanders for a look at the river it’s obvious that the Trout are happily making the next generation with lots of chasing and the flashing of silver flanks as fish construct the redds that will hold the eggs and fry. The warm sunny days lately has the birds singing and looking for mates…..I’m not game to say that Spring has already sprung because September can still pack a weather punch but so far so good.

Now that the yard is sorted and with more time at hand it will be as good a time as any to go through the kit to look for fishing gear that needs some TLC. Waders and boots will be bone dry and niggling leaks and frays can be easily glued. Rods need a going over to check for wear on snake guides or cracks in stripping guides that can damage expensive flylines, a quick rub with candle wax on ferrules helps eliminate rod sections from binding together. Reels can be terribly neglected and over time will accumulate grit and pumice that will wear any moving parts whether it be in a reel cheap or expensive. If I get a real rush of blood it might also be time to go down the rabbit hole that is my sling pack and reorganize that mess…..maybe tomorrow…..or the day after 🙂

Until we see a change in level please be safe, hang in there and we’ll be back into it all in good time.

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