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Thursday 23rd September 2021


It’s dawned grey with a slight breeze on this rainy Thursday, we had showers through the day yesterday and with the steady rain overnight the Tongariro has begun to rise and is sitting on 38cumec this morning. This may go a bit further as more rain is forecast. If it doesn’t get to crazy it should set up for some good fishing in the next day or so and there could be another spike of fresh Rainbow Trout run up the rivers. The Tauranga Taupo is also on the rise and will be worth a look once it settles down. Spring is doing it’s usual thing and bringing some unsettled weather and although uncomfortable now will keep the rivers freshened up. The wet days lately have kept the grass nice and green and it will give the veges that will be planted in the next few weeks a great headstart.

We are looking at the back end of September already and this weekend will see the start of daylight saving again. On my last few sessions on the Tongariro there has been some Mayfly hatches during the day and I’m looking forward to using the extra daylight after the working day to spend a n hour or two waiting for the evening hatches, it might be a tad early yet but will slowly grow in momentum in the coming weeks.

Lakes Otamangakau and Kuratau will open again from 1st October. It will also see the start of the Fish and Game season – FnG licenses can be obtained online here

There will be a recreational release on the Tongariro this weekend with the lower river affected on Saturday the 25th, the photo below has the relevant info –

Sherrie has been having a great time of it out on the lake recently harling and jigging up a storm. She had an exceptional morning recently. We all love to see a healthy release shot but some of the fish we see out there are meant to be brought home for the smoker.

Jason Bleibtreu enjoys spending some quiet time of an evening hunting down Rainbows and get is done regularly this chunky Rainbow would have put a wriggle in his rod for sure. No surprise there is some decent condition on this one when you see what they have been munching on……

It was awesome to receive these photos of a couple of keen lads who were out last weekend with their Dad and got their first Taupo Trout, I doubt it will be the last time we see them getting into them – nice work fellas.

The river fishing has been steady of late with the odd really nice Rainbow showing up but at this time of the season it’s not unusual to encounter numbers of recovering fish that have been busy recruiting the next generation of chromers. It has been these fish that have kept giving me the incentive to practice the Spey casting as they are always willing to snap at a fly that has been swung properly, in amongst them has been a surprise or two and the sound of a spinning reel never gets old when they tear off downstream. I braved the wet conditions yesterday and stumbled onto a couple.

Who doesn’t enjoy a new fly line?? Summer is coming and the RIO Elite Gold will make dropping those dry flys onto the nose of fussy fish easy as….

RIO Elite Gold


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