Fishing Reports

Wednesday 23rd December 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast, warm and humid with light drizzly rain falling here in Turangi this morning. The Tongariro is clear and fishable and flowing at 25.5 cumecs.

My suspicions could be that we could see quite a few cicadas hatch out after this bit of rain. If the sun comes out and the temperatures get up then I think we will notice quite a few.  They were really starting to get going on the nice sunny day that we had on Sunday, however don’t think that flicking a cicada fly once you hear them will work.  It sometimes takes a while for the fish to “LOCK” onto the tasty morsels. Sometimes the things chirp for a few weeks before the fish will realise what they are and then start homing into them.

Reports of some nice fresh looking fish still being picked up in the Tongariro River.

The jigging has been great for the last week or two with anglers HAULING them out.  Popular flies seem to be the old favourites ….. Ginger Mick with a Gold Body, Grey Ghost, and Green Orbit.  The trolling reports have tapered off a wee bit now with more reports from the jiggers.

For those of you who have been desperate to lay your hands on this stuff, we now have Dinsmore Split Shot back in stock.  We have No1, BB, AAA and SSG. Be quick !! If you can’t make it here, you can order from our Online Store.

Dinsmores Super Soft Split Shot

We received this photo today thanks to Graham.   This is Sandy who landed this good sized brown trout down at the Tokaanu Tailrace yesterday evening.  Browns are showing up all around the show at the moment…. lake edges, rivers … you name it they are feeding ! Apparently Sandy only felt a “slight tug”.

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