Fishing Reports

Friday 24th January 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day today.  All rivers are clear and fishable.  No wind as of 11:30am.  This may pick up and become quite gusty mid afternoon until just before dark.

There has been some great fishing on the Tongariro in this sort of weather.  Some really good nymphing to be had but doing the right thing usually determines whether you spend the day ” Fishing ” or  ” Catching ”

Great fishing reported with smelting fish at the Delta. Try Grey Ghosts or Silicon smelts.

I went out for a flick on Wednesday evening with ” Beam Me Up ” Taylor.  We went out for the evening rise but had to go earlier so we could do some nymphing before the rise started. The fish we got nymphing tended to go for the bomb or bigger, darker nymphs.

(Below) Scotty with a good sized well mended Tongariro River rainbow caught on the nymph.

(Below) I landed this rainbow that had no spots on the body.  They are quite strange when you get something like this.

(Below) Another fish I landed on a GB Prince Nymph.  The last few times out the fish seem to have been going for BIG nymphs.

(Below) We changed over when it got a bit later and I landed this cracker fish using a Sporting Caddis dry fly. The rise went for about 15 minutes. This was a really nice fish to get on the evening rise.

(Below) Another really nice rainbow that I landed on the Sporting Caddis dry fly …..   my apprentice Luke Sky Walker never got any on the dry fly …. he needs to listen more to  ” Yoda The Experienced ! “


(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from Friday last week. I just found the email this afternoon.  This email and pictures are thanks to Damon Taylor. Poppy looks to have popped here and there to try out her waders.  Damon writes:

Hi there –  We called in last Friday to set up my daughter (Poppy, aged 9) with some waders. As promised – a few photos from her exploits on the Big T and Lake O. Still to hook her own fish, but she did land one of dads. Good news is she’s hooked. Kept wanting to get back on the river between sessions! And she loves her Simms waders (I’ve told her she’s to stop growing!), and the in-store casting lessons definitely helped!  Tight lines,  Damon






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