Fishing Reports

Wednesday 24th March 2021

Highly Fishable

Another stunner here in Turangi today and it’s really starting to feel like Autumn now. The mornings have been chilly and as I look out at the trees in the mall the leaves are beginning to turn yellow and flutter to the ground on the gentle breeze that is wafting through town. The river is looking great today and has steadied at 24cumec but do be aware that fluctuations can still occur while the works are in progress on the Poutu Tunnel and canal. The Tongariro this morning had only a tinge of colour and it would have been a joy to be out there today.

Although the fishing seems to have slowed a tad on the big lake the river fishing has started to show signs of picking up with some really nice silver Rainbows trickling up the river. Plenty of Brown Trout can be found if you go looking for them but the challenge of persuading them to eat continues. One of the best times to encounter these fellas is early morning or late evening while swinging woolly buggers, rabbits or whatever secret squirrel fly is getting it done for you at the moment. Some of the eats can be quite subtle but when they twig that something isn’t quite right it can get serious very quickly and they’ll try to shake that annoying fluffy thing they just grabbed from their jaw.

I would expect the river mouths to fire in the next few weeks as the Trout begin to run and with the possibility of some rain next week it could happen sooner rather than later. A couple of Booby or heave n leave flys cast out on a fast sinking line can be very productive. An early start might well be worth the effort to intercept some of these early runners, they can be in outstanding condition. The same areas of an evening can be another option, slow twitching a luminous fly or a black rabbit in the colder water snaking it’s way out into the lake will fill in a few hours.

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