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Saturday 23rd April 2021

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the morning here in Turangi this morning. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is flowing at about 22.5 ….. up a Gnat’s Whisker from the small amount of rain we got overnight.

A few anglers have been reporting a mixture of fish in the Tongariro.  Quite a few have picked up the smaller Juvenille fish and some are still reporting fish rising like mad in the river with others picking up some really good solid rainbows.

The nymphers have been mostly taking out Hare and Coppers and Double beaded rubber leg nymphs as their bombs with the odd orange beaded nymph thrown in for good measure.  With the lack of floods and the massive amount of slime on the bed of the river this should be holding some really good natural nymph life.

Anglers are reporting the river being quite slippery as we haven’t had a good flood to scour the rocks for a while.

(Below) We received this email and photo yesterday thanks to Richard Mollet.  Richard was fishing the Tongariro River and caught this nice silver rainbow. Richard writes:

Thanks guys very happy with my new rod.



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