Fishing Reports

Thursday 24th September 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast with steady rain falling here in Turangi this morning.  As of 8:30am the Tongariro is highly fishable and flowing at 30 cumecs and still looks to be rising. A lightish kind of breeze at this stage which seems to be coming from the NW.

This rain should be good to top up all of the rivers with some fresher water and get some more fresh run fish moving up them.  Will we get a small flood out of this??  A 150 cumec/er would be quite nice at this stage to just get a little slime off the rocks and dislodge a few Mayfly and Caddis nymphs.  At this time of the year if the water does get coloured up and brownish, Mayflies may hatch in this dirtier water.  The Mayflies that have been hatching that I have mostly seen have been Blue Duns but we must be due to get the big fat juicy tasty looking Black ones.  They are pretty impressive being jet black in colour and are quite a good size sometimes.  I haven’t seen any Kakahi Queen Mayflies yet.  Fish have been rising during the day and Neil has reported seeing rises just before dark.

(Below) I went for a look down to the Tongariro at lunchtime.  It has been raining solidly for most of the day today.  The picture below was at 12:45pm.  The river looks to be a dark olive greeny colour at present and I could see lumps of pumice floating down river.  This may be from the slip a week or two back which had settled on the edges of the river and with the river slightly up may have become buoyant again.


(Below)  The “Blast from the Past ” today is a picture of me from 2005.  The reason this came about was the Health and Safety laws were being introduced in NZ and we were wondering if we should take some precautions whilst out fly fishing.  The interesting thing about taking this photo is that my mate Col and I went to what we thought would be a quiet part of the river to take some photos.  It was during our lunch break.  So, off we went, pulled up to an empty car park, got out and took the photos and then headed our way back to the carpark after taking the pictures.  When we got back to the carpark, we wondered what the hell had gone on ….. the carpark had an Ambulance in it, a Police car, a few more cars and about 20 people buzzing around ….. they were all looking at me and must have been thinking  ” why the hell is he dressed like that? “.  Colin and I were thinking … “what the hell is going on here ?” …. it turned out someone had fallen out of their kayak somewhere near us and had supposedly broken their neck ??? Kind of ironic really when we were doing a photoshoot about Health and Safety.

Back in those days when we took the photo there wasn’t the proliferation of plastic orange road cones otherwise we would have had to put out about 40 of those behind us for the back cast zone.  Man I would love shares in the road cone factory !!  They seem to fix every solution these days …. they block off slips on the roadside that sit there for about 6 months these days before being cleared, they cordon off road wash outs that take at least a year to get fixed these days, they protect road workers out on the road with plenty of signage saying “Caution Men at Work ” up ahead that when I go through, never seem to be working or are even there ??  ……. also when you have 2000 road cones spread out along the road and you have a road worker in Hi Viz orange … wouldn’t he get camouflaged when he stood in a line in front of them ?? That would be unsafe wouldn’t it ?







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