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Tuesday 24th November 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast and calm start to the day here in Turangi today. The Tongariro is flowing at 24.4 cumecs and is highly fishable.

With the weather that we have been having, the vegetation has taken off along the river bank. This is the  time of the year the grass grows at light speed.  The Blackberry vines will take off and grow about a foot overnight. Normally the bane of the angler for 99% of the year, they have their 1% benefit in the later part of Summer when the Blackberries are ripe and the angler has been out all day and hasn’t had anything to eat since breakfast.  Care should be taken when walking along tracks with your waders to avoid the Blackberries. I use my wading stick to beat them down or push them out of the way.

We are at an in between time for the evening rise fishing too.  Now is a good time to get out and do this as you avoid the Mosquitoes that plague you later in the season.  The only thing you have to contend with at the moment is the Caddis Adults scurrying over the back of your neck and up and down your bare arms ….. makes your skin crawl just thinking about it !!

Reports through from the last week has indicated that the jigging seems to have picked up.  We were just commenting on the pretty crap Spring that we have had so far.  Basically since the start of Daylight Savings, we haven’t seen much sunshine here in Turangi and it has been really windy.  One angler said the Lime Bodied Grey Ghost was smashing them for him.  Others are using the Gold Bodied Ginger Micks and smaller Grey Ghosts.

The odd cicada has been heard already here in Turangi …. basically on the warmer days.  However the temperature fluctuations have been all over the show. One day has been 22-23 degrees celcius, the next down to 18 and overnight about 10 or 11.  The cicadas can really start going here in Turangi about mid December, then we usually get a cold spell which puts them down until about the middle of January again. The odd report of fish coming up and grabbing bigger stimulator patterns over the last week.

We can’t be to far away from the Green Beetles.  It is kind of ironic that growing up here as a kid there was much effort involved in slashing and using massive drum rollers to rid the land of the scrub called “Manuka ” …. now with the Honey Industry making a $ or 3 everyone is back into planting the ” Manuka Scrub “once again. The bonus of the extra Manuka is that there should be more beetles feasting on these trees and in turn providing more food for the trout 😉

(Below) “Match the Hatch”.  A selection of Green Beetle Fly patterns that we have here in store at Sporting Life.  Beetles from left to right … ( not John, Paul, George or Ringo )  but ….  Cochy Bondhu, Loco Foam Green Beetle, Deer Hair and Raffia Green Beetle, Parachute Green Beetle, Humpy Blowfly Green, Green Humpy.

Manuka or Green Beetle Fly Patterns


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