Fishing Reports

Wednesday 24th November 2021

Highly Fishable

There are some very happy anglers both staff and customers after the events of last night, with one of the most intense evening rises I have ever experienced going down. I don’t think I have ever seen so many fish rising in one area before with the 100m long section of water we ended up at late evening having at least 40-50 fish absolutely going for it! Andrew and I started off with a few rainbows before he hooked into a really nice brown swinging wee wets after dark which topped the evening off nicely. Andrew was using the new Guideline set up with the 6 weight Hybrid rod, Fario reel and a ULS floating head which worked a treat. One of the great things about the Guideline ULS heads is there is no need for a tip off the end of the head so changing between lines is quick and easy allowing you to for example fish a floating head swinging wee wets in the evening and change over to a sinking head with a wooly bugger and swinging for the big browns once the rise dies off. We will be doing a video on the full system in the coming days so keep an eye out for that, we are very excited to get these lines out into the hands of kiwi anglers as they have been very effective for us so far!

We have restocked the Category 3 Hare & Coppers as they have been flying out the door, along with the infamous Sporting Caddis and a few other popular patterns so come in to the shop for a yarn and we can fill you in on where the action has been best and get you sorted with the right patterns to get the job done.


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