Fishing Reports

Monday 25th January 2021

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi this morning. A blustery W breeze is blowing. The Tongariro is flowing at 23 cumecs and is highly fishable. The air temperature is very cool …..  haven’t heard any cicadas with these cool temperatures. We are supposed to get up to 28-29 degrees Celsius later in the week so they may pop out and start chirping again. It is still worth flicking a cicada dry out on the Tongariro though.

Over the last week I have driven a few miles up and down the North Island.  Pretty much everywhere I have been I have noticed the tall, skinny poplar trees have turned yellow !! Do they know something about the weather that we don’t ??  This seems really early to me. Are we going to be in for an early Winter?

1:00pm  Arrived at work this morning with a down jacket on …. walked back to work after lunch minus the jacket but heard cicadas in the 25 degree heat !!!

I had the weekend off but it looks like quite a few anglers hit Lake “O” for the Wellington Anniversary weekend.  Looks like they cleaned us out of bloodworm flies.

For Lake Taupo it appears that the weather was a bit windy over the weekend but reports of plenty of skinny fish and small fish that have appeared.  They must be cruising looking to feed. John, our resident boat expert says the Silicon Smelt lures tend to be picking up the fish jigging and harling.

2:45pm Blowing its tits off !!!!

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