Fishing Reports

Wednesday 25th November 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast, raining…. and as Wet as a Shag here in Turangi this morning. The good thing with the rain is that there is no wind !!!

As of 9:00am the Tongariro is flowing at 31 cumecs and rising …. but is still fishable. This may change later in the day.

I’m getting sick of this cruddy Spring weather that we have been having …. if it hasn’t been overcast and raining, usually when the sun has come out to produce a nice day the wind has blasted us !!!

I’ve been trying to get my outside jobs done around the house so I can go fishing but am thwarted by the weather !!!  The only good thing with this sort of weather is that you get to stay inside and do things like tying flies … for when you can get out.

Don’t forget that if you can’t make it to the shop here in Turangi we can still send out things to you …. also we are SLOWLY getting our online store up and running. So if you need some supplies either contact us by phone (07) 386 8996, email or head to the Sporting Life Turangi Online Shop .

This rain will be good to dampen the ground for the Cicada Larvae.  When we finally get some heat I’m picking we will start to hear a few more. Not long to go now 😉

(Above) Looking upstream to the Hydro Pool at about 8:20am this morning. The Tongariro was still highly fishable at this stage.  With the types of weather that we have been having over the last few months, you really need to be adaptable at different techniques for fishing and choose the best one that suits the conditions on the day … for example if you want to come to do dry/dropper fishing but the river is dirty then changing to a wetline.

(Below) The only angler I could see on the river this morning …… can you spot it ??  The Black Shag.

(Below) The Symphony of Rain Upon an Umbrella !!!







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