Fishing Reports

Wednesday 26th February 2020

Highly Fishable
Mostly sunny

A fine and sunny start to the day today.  No wind as of 8:30am.  The rivers are clear and fishable.

Had a few reports in from anglers yesterday who got busted off by some good fish.  Had an angler in who was looking for the biggest and thickest nylon to thread through the eye of a Passion Vine Hopper ….  a few anglers got smoked by fish caught on these.

I would also really look at nymphing as well with big stonefly patterns.  An angler reported yesterday hooking a smallish piece of wood mid water that was just covered in big stonefly’s, green caddis, white caddis and stoney cased caddis that when the stones were crushed a caddis pupa was inside in a light brown coloured casing. So good sized Prince Nymphs, Skwala Nymph, C3 101, and hare and coppers should do the trick.  He also said he hooked into 6 REALLY good fish.

Only a few more days of Summer left …. almost into Autumn ( 1 March ).  The days are getting noticeably short now …. a little bit darker in the morning.

(Above) Neil was out and about to look at the Tongariro River this morning.  This is looking downstream to the Breakfast Pool from the Major Jones Swing bridge at about 8:15am.

(Below) Looking upstream to the Hydro Pool this morning.  Check out that blue sky !

(Below) Looking upstream to the Hydro Pool from the Major Jones swing bridge. One angler fishing just above the bridge.

(Below) We had local angler Graham Hamilton call into the shop about half an hour ago (11:15am) who had been out jigging on Lake Taupo and caught these nice silver rainbows. The reports we have had from the Lake this year and the quality of fish could indicate a favourable river season for this year.  Seems to have been plenty of smelt around and the tradition patterns have worked well.  This year yellow has been a good colour as well as the traditional Jack Sprat lure, Grey Ghost and Yellow Parson Glory. River anglers might get smoked by a few fish this coming season !





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