Fishing Reports

Friday 26th March 2021

Highly Fishable

How good has the weather been this past week, Autumn at it’s very best. The Tongariro has remained fishable and I envy those who had the chance to take advantage of it, the Tauranga Taupo is low and clear but still giving up some treasure if you scale things down to longer finer leaders and small nymphs. The Lace Moth have featured high in recent discussions and have been just as challenging as ever in both systems. We still have plenty of the popular CDC Lace Moth that when the drift is right has been getting some reaction from these picky feeders.

I am looking forward to hitting the river soon and hunting the Brown Trout that have been in great numbers this season. We’ve heard of some real lunkers that have hit the bank in the last week, solid double figure fish that keep us wishing it might happen on the next cast…or next…..or next!!

Seems we might have to put up signs warning of dangerous fish in the Tongariro after an angler almost had to count how many fingers he had left from an encounter this morning…..Alan McC from Ruatoki had hooked one of little tackers that have been hitting almost anything that moves and just about had it to hand when out of nowhere a big chunk of  Brown Trout grabbed the poor little fella and took off down the river. After some tug-o-war the big fella finally let it go but not before taking everything from the gills back with it…….you have been warned.

Among the Browns that were cruising the lake shore recently were a few Rainbows in pods of three or four that were keen to compete in the chase for a smelt fly stripped their nose, some of the takes were almost at the rod tip. These fish were skinny and obviously on the hunt for food to fatten up on so after a quick net job and keeping them in the water as much as possible it gives them the best chance of recovery.

Good luck to all anglers competing in the Taupo Fishing Club’s 19th annual open trout tournament this weekend. I’m sure there will be plenty of tales of monsters almost landed and great prizes for those that make it into the net.

The Tongariro looked a picture this afternoon and well worth the time to wander up to the lookout above the main road bridge

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