Fishing Reports

Friday 26th June 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast with the odd bit of light falling this morning here in Turangi.  A light to moderate Easterly.  The Tongariro is highly fishable.

Looks like we have arrived at yet another weekend ….. where is the time going ??? The weather looks a little wet for the weekend but as we have said in the past …… “the fish don’t mind getting wet!”. Should be another great weekend for the angling fraternity ….. make an excuse at work and say you are sick and get here early before the crowd.

Should be a great weekend for either wetlining or nymphing. Remember to fish the conditions …… if we get a lot of rain and the river colours and increases in volume, change with that. These days I notice too many anglers are fishing “too light” in terms of rod weights, fly weights and leader strengths.

Main flies for nymphing have been Glo Bugs, C3 101s, C3 Hare and Coppers.

Main flies for wetlining have been Red Setter, Orange or Red Rabbit, Olive Wooly Bugger, Gold Bead Brown Woolly Bugger. Maybe try the “Old School” Red Fuzzy Wuzzy

(Below) This email was sent in to me yesterday thanks to Snell.  He had a lazy 40 minutes up at the upper Tongariro yesterday just before the rain and didn’t even put waders on. He caught one on Jared’s glo bug and the other on the Frog Fly. Two very nice fat and plump Tongariro River rainbows.



(Below) This email was sent in thanks to Lana.  Lana writes:

Morning Jared…

Landed this yesterday just below the Duchess …. so pretty you would take it home to meet ya mother … not a single mark on it …. big deep colours …. caught and released for someone else to enjoy..

Love my boots…thanks !

Kind Regards


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