Fishing Reports

Monday 26th October 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine with a bit of sun and a bit of cloud here in Turangi this morning.  It was 18.8 degrees celcius outside when I opened the curtains this morning. A little on the humid side.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

We are coming up to Guy Fawkes which as I recollect as a kid was always warm and humid with drizzly rain which used to put a dampener on lighting the fireworks, especially when the match striker and flint on the lighter got wet and this caused a blister on the thumb as you tried desperately to light the next wick !!! Ahhhh ….. the memories  !!!

I went for a stroll down to the river on Saturday evening.  The weather over the long holiday weekend of Labour Weekend had been fantastic for those that headed this way to fish and relax.  The smell of BBQ hung heavy in the air as I strolled along the town side of the Tongariro.  I headed up to the Kamahi Pool to get some exercise.

(Above) This is looking upstream above the Kamahi Pool on Saturday evening.

(Below) The head of the Kamahi Pool.

(Below) The tail of the Kamahi Pool.


(Below) When I arrived I noticed a few people there enjoying the day with a picnic blanket and a couple of fly rods.  Had a wee bit of a chat to them and it appeared they had spent most of the time washing their flies 😉  One was wetlining, one nymphing and one cz nymphing. I helped set up the rig for the CZ nymph and about 2-3 casts later he hooked up and everyone was buzzing !  The nympher showed me his set up and on closer inspection ” I said you probably wont catch much with that “. He said ” why? “.  I said “well it looks like you have got a contact lense on your glo bug ( fish scale ) “.  Over the years when I have found that you have a scale on your hook the fish wont even look at it. I said ” You got closer than you think ! ” .

The picture below is Shane Bailey fighting his fish on the CZ setup

(Below)  The net was summonsed and next thing the fish was out of the water !  Check out the smile on Shane’s face ! 3.25lbs

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